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Vangie Baga-Reyes

“It is everyone’s dream to find a book of recommendations all tried and tested by an author with culinary credibility. Vangie is one of the few . It’s like having a genie at one’s disposal, ready to point out where to find the best goodies in the country!”

Sandy Daza
Celebrity Chef, Inquirer Lifestyle food columnist, TV host, and cookbook author

“Filipinos, however full, will always have room for dessert. And having Inquirer Lifestyle come up with the Best Desserts books 1,2, and now 3 is just an amazing way to discover the trends, and the best of the best desserts in the country. The Best Desserts books offer a wide variety of sweets for everyone, from thrill seekers to simple eaters, from chocolate lovers to those with a ‘not-so-sweet tooth”

Chef Bernice Pimentel
Illustrado Restaurant

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