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Peter Wallace

It is generally assumed that God is omniscient and can do no wrong, but He may have slipped up in His design of Adam and Eve.

As this delightful book shows man could have been better designed. Perhaps it’s yet to come, as evolution doesn’t just stop.

WHY YOU NEED 3 HANDS hints to God at the way to go over the next few millennia as He designs improvements to us. Or as evolution corrects its oversight.

This little book brings into sharp relief the absolute need for a 3rd hand–as an unreachable itchy back can readily attest. And taboo as ihe subject is (or is it anymore?) just imagine the sexual experimentation.

WHY YOU NEED 3 HANDS tells you it all, brings to the fore the incredible advantages of a human-kind redesign.

It’s a book you must preserve for your great great great great, great, great grandchildren’s sake.
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