Php 495

Edited by Ruel S. De Vera, Rosario A. Garcellano, Pam Pastor, Javier Vicente D. Rufino

A girl grapples with the thought that a game she played as a child may have killed four people. A man laments the daily madness that is commuting in Manila. A boy meets his father for the first time and is underwhelmed. A student questions tradition after her cousin is hilled during a fraternity hazing. A balding man writes about his battle to hold on to his hair. A voracious reader explores her love of secondhand
bookstores. A freelance English teacher writes about her almost two-decade struggle with depression. A nurse shares the lessons she learned from the first patient who died in her care. A professor talks about the role of her hijab in her life. These are just some of the voices you’ll enjoy in Young Blood Six, a captivating collection of the best essays published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Young Blood column from 2014 to 2015.

Heartbreak. Secrets. Confessions. Zombies. Are you ready for this new dose of Young Blood?

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