With over 1,000 graduates for more than 20 years, the Inquirer has continued to support its most-treasured newsboys through a scholarship program. Designed to assist deserving newsboys pursue their studies in pre-selected schools, Inquirer started offering monthly grants to grade school and high school students in 1993. College scholarships were also offered in 1996 whereas scholars can take any four-year degree course in any of the school of their choice.

As part of the process, newspaper dealers nominate newsboys for the scholarship. He should be in the top 10 of the class, must be a newsboy or a first-degree relative of the newsboy.

In 2012, six scholars of the Inquirer Newsboy Foundation were honored for their outstanding academic performance in a simple awarding ceremony attended by the Inquirer executives headed by Inquirer Chair, Marixi Prieto, the news dealers and other representatives.

Cristel Marie Perez, Janrey Buenconsejo, and Joshua Inigo Capitan were the awardees for the grade school category.

For the high school category, the awardees are: Jhon Melmar, Jan Mark Neil Ramos, and Gary Roider Ladisla

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