We believe that the best ideas brew.

We plan, develop, and execute content, projects and activations that bring the brands and readers closer. We aim to deliver meaningful stories that impact our readers. The Inquirer Creative Labs is an informal think tank of innovative ideas within the Inquirer Group. Key leaders from Editorial, Marketing, Design, Sales and Operations form this team of innovators. Borne from the collaboration spirit of our redesign initiative, this group serves as the spark for new ideas for our clients. Here are some of the creative services we offer:

Advertorial Development

Materials from Client - Initial write up and photos / videos.
Rewriting and editing
Max at 3 Revisions

Cost - P75,000

Revision after - Php 10k per revision
Timeline - 10 working days

Print Ad Development

Materials from Client - Initial write up and photos / videos.
No photoshoot
Rewriting and editing
Max at 3 Revisions

Cost - P100,000

Revision after - P10,000 per revision
Photoshoot - P10,000 per set-up at Inquirer Office only;
Offsite - P5,000

PDI Photographer to shoot

  • timeline: 10 working days
  • with offsite requirement +2 days

Graphic Design Services Only

A. Resizing of Materials- Php 20k (1 size only)

Material required is Layered file
Max at 3 Revisions

Revision after : Php 5k per revision

B. Logo development- Php 50k

C. Merchandising Development

Lay out only,no photoshoot
Material and copy from Client
1 mother design only

Cost: Php 50k

- Adaptations at Php 15k per adaptation


Article / Feature Story Type

Writing only with interview off-site within Metro Manila

Php 50k

Outside Manila add Php 5k (transpo fee c/o Client)


A. Photo Coverage

  • photographer only
  • no writing
  • no ad placement
  • output is album of photos (300 pics)
  • Php 10k within Manila
  • outside Manila add Php 5k (transpo fee c/o Client)

B. Photo Coverage with write up

  • item A on photo coverage plus Writing Fee
    Total cost : Php 60k

C. Video Coverage

  • use of handheld video device only
  • no live interview
  • purpose for event highlights only
  • no ad placement
  • with 1-2 minute edited video output with ambient sounds only
  • no voice over or pre-recording
  • use of Royalty-Free background music only
  • ad placement NOT included
  • Php 100k
Other Collaterals
  • Calendar
  • Sales Kit
  • Rate Cards
  • Brochure
  • Flyer
  • Roll Up
  • Streamers

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