The new online product is a travel, leisure, hotel & restaurant website.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer would like to be a part of your trip as you travel around our beautiful archipelago with, a travel, leisure and hotels and restaurants website that offers insider tips, travel and tours information to the country’s most exciting getaways.

Neatly tucked in are the following sections:

Travel—It's always exciting to go where the tourists are as it is also more thrilling to discover another wonderful place yourself.

Leisure—Pampering comes from the most relaxing spa, to recreations and leisurely activities. Know what's in and what's hot and the best or most intimate places to go.

Chow—A trip in itself. Savor the country's gastronomic delights from food shops in your friendly neighborhood to the most sophisticated places.

Plus, features on travel gears and accessories, what's hot on your travel OOTDs, as well as photo galleries and travel help.

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