Inquirer Community Relations

Not content merely crusade, the INQUIRER puts its money where its mouth is. Providing valuable media space, and through active employee involvement, advocacy campaigns and sustained partnerships with companies, civic groups and government, we step beyond news coverage to directly address community needs.

For these efforts and initiatives, Inquirer has earned the respect and recognition of prestigious social development groups such as the League of Corporate Foundations and the Philippine Business for Social Progress, and now sits in both associations as their sole print media member.

League of Corporate Foundations

To promote reading, the Inquirer not only publishes special youth sections but also conducts award-winning youth readership programs like seminars, debates and educational tours– because we know today’s readers are tomorrow’s active, critical leaders.

Habitat for Humanity

Media Partner and National Sponsor since 1999. Employee volunteers, fundraising and advocacy support to address poverty through the building of safe, low-cost homes for the underprivileged.

Philippine Business for Social Progress

The Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), the Philippines’ largest corporate-led, non-profit organization composed of 201 local and multi-national companies, is committed to empower the poor by promoting business sector leadership in, and commitment to poverty alleviations programs that lead to self-reliance.

Since 1970, it has partnered with institutions such as the United Nations, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank and business companies to provide organized, professional and sustainable assistance to the underprivileged sectors of the society.

In the last 34 years, it was able to provide financial assistance amounting to PhP5 billion to fund 5,000 projects benefiting 2.8 million Filipinos. It has also become the primary facilitator of the Philippine business sector involvement in the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) for poverty, health, environment and education in 2004. The Philippine Daily Inquirer is a proud member of PBSP.

World Wildlife Fund

Corporate Partner since 2000. Joint advertising, information and fundraising for the Environmental Fund for Legal Action, for prosecuting environmental crimes.

Children’s Hour

Steering Committee member, corporate donor and print media partner since 1999. Employee volunteerism, fundraising and advocacy support for abused and disadvantaged Filipino children.

Tabang Mindanaw

Task Force member since 1998. Fundraising and advocacy partner in support of relief operations, food and medical assistance, and livelihood training for indigenous peoples and families displaced by Mindanao conflict.


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