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Super Evil
On November 23, 2009, a convoy of journalists and members of the Mangudadatu clan were on their way to file the certificate of candidacy of aspiring Maguindanao governor Toto Mangudadatu. But they never made it to their destination. Their bodies were found riddled with bullets; many of them buried in mass graves. 58 people were killed in this massacre—the deadliest attack on Filipino journalists and the worst case of electoral violence in the country—all because the ruthless Ampatuan clan wanted to hold on to their power. This is Super Evil season two, "A Beautiful Place to Die". An Inquirer Podcast, powered by PumaPodcast.
Aux Lang
Let's talk OPM with the country's leading musicians. "Aux Lang" breaks down our favorite songs, and lets us in on the stories and elements behind every stanza. Hosted by Tina Arceo-Dumlao, Business Features Editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and author of "Himig at Titik: A Tribute to OPM Songwriters". "Aux Lang" is an Inquirer Podcasts production. Powered by PumaPodcast.
Super Random
What is Pinoy pop culture? It's TV, movies, toys, music, places, food, nostalgia and context. It's shared and personal. It's super random and super specific. "Super Random" is the podcast that will discuss and deconstruct everything you forgot you loved and the things you don't want to admit you love. Hosted by fanboy supreme Ruel S. De Vera. "Super Random" is an Inquirer Podcasts production. Powered by PumaPodcast.
Let's Talk Oppa
Learn Korean through K-drama and K-pop! Let's Talk Oppa is a podcast that teaches Korean phrases using dialogue from K-dramas and lyrics from K-pop. Filipino Hallyu fans will better understand the programs they watch and the music they listen to, and get a deeper look at Korean culture. Hosted by Inquirer Super K section editor Ruth Navarra-Mayo, Let's Talk Oppa is an Inquirer Podcasts production. Powered by PumaPodcast.