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Newspapers and their readers become family. Newspapers and the regions and countries in which they circulate create strong bonds, with the journalistically sound press recording the daily occurrences that are part of our lives—the good and bad deeds of people, the natural catastrophes, the ins and out of politics and politicians—and, in some cases, playing the role of the watchdog that keeps institutions and those in charge of running them in check.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is and has been all of that for the Filipino people. When the Inquirer comes to the homes of its readers in the morning, it is as familiar as what’s on the menu for breakfast, or the sun shining through the kitchen window.

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Inquirer Plus is a digital replica of the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper that is available via mobile app. A digital newsstand which carries the FULL replica of the country’s top daily. It is the most credible and influential news source on ePaper format. 

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